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Interview on ‘A Book And A Chat” with Barry Eva

June 2, 2012

A Book and a Chat with Lawrence King 06/02 by A Book and a Chat | Blog Talk Radio.

Barry Eva, host of A Book And A Chat facilitated our lively discussion about Lawrence J. King’s book Eye of Truth: Who is God?  Listeners will appreciate the detailed profile given about Lawrence and his extraordinary writing career.  Host Barry Eva said, “Lawrence covers everything in his books.”   King has written eight books, and although I did not mention it correctly during the interview, he is working on a 9th book dealing with homelessness.  We both agreed that Lawrence uses an engaging writing style and often his books reflect  ideas the public tend to embrace.  I’m proud to have collaborated on The Eye of Truth: Who is God?  as a contributor.  The exercise of reflecting on 25 challenging questions ranging from Do you think animals have souls? to Where is the Kingdom of Heaven? became an adventure in the sense that  as I immersed myself in the questions, I found multiple answers and possibilities. I believe you will to.

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  1. I love Barry Eva! I interviewed with him last year. Great show!

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