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The Spiritual Enrichment  Foundation a global non-profit mandated to strengthen and cultivate spirituality through educational programs and events. The organization is structured exclusively for charitable,religious, educational, and scientific purposes.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to support and contribute ideas, knowledge, and research related to the interfaith spirituality via educational programs and lectures and to equip individuals, groups, and communities with knowledge and training in spirituality drawn from all traditions. We seek to support and spread awareness of the latest research in consciousness and spiritual teachings by promoting books, films, plays that serve to educate and enlighten audiences on their spiritual walk.

Core values

  • We strive to help support world peace and unity by assisting individuals, groups, communities in recognizing the wisdom in all faith traditions thereby furthering inter-faith understanding.
  • We strive to assist individuals, groups, and communities understand the value of connecting to the Divine aspect within
  • We strive to assist little known authors, filmmakers, and dramatists of spiritually based material promote their work to the widest possible audiences via public relations services.
  • We believe all persons have the potential to access their Divine aspect within and can grow spiritually once they are separated from the division created by the dogma and doctrine of most religions thereby liberating themselves by exploring true spirituality available to all.
Our History:
Founder, Jackie Audrey O’Neal  became the first woman to nominated for the priesthood in 125 years in 2003 at her Episcopal parish. As time went on, she discovered a book about her experiences as a spiritual leader growing insider her, so in 2009 Woman Priest was  published and she embarked on a tour. Over the years, she developed a strong interest in exploring the wisdom inherent in all faiths and founded The Inter- Faith Spiritual Spirituality Foundation in 2012. The non-profit was formed in memory of her son, Shem Nathaniel Herman.
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